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Welcome to the updated Polantis Privacy Policy! 

This Privacy Policy shall take effect on July 23, 2019. You can access the former privacy policy [here]


We have updated this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) as a result of the change in ownership of Polantis and to give you more information about the processing of your personal information. Polantis is now owned by BIMobject. You can read more about the change of ownership in the Polantis Terms of Use. 

When we refer to “Polantis” and “Users” in this Privacy Policy it has the meaning stated in the Terms of Use. In this Privacy Policy when we say "we", "us", or "our” we mean Polantis. 


Article 1 – General 

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of also called the “Website”. It applies to visitors as well as well as Users i.e. those who register an account at

It explains how your personal information is processed when you access and use Polantis. We also tell you about what choices and rights you have in respect of your personal information.

To the extent Information is associated with an identified or identifiable living natural person and is protected as personal information  under applicable Data Protection Laws, it is referred to in this Privacy Policy as “personal information”. “Information” is a general term which includes reference to Personal and non-personal information. Personal information does not include information which is aggregated or de-identified, so it is no longer reasonably associated with an identified or identifiable natural person.


Article 2 – Purposes for the collection of your information

Polantis makes available to its users at no cost or at low cost the products created by its clients in digital format. To avail of the services Polantis users need to create an account at In addition to creating an account, the personal information given to Polantis by our Users is used for the following purposes:

Use of the Website and access to the digital products requires adherence to this business model and understanding on the part of the user of the financial benefit stemming therefrom. 

Marketing and promotional campaigns.

In addition: Users are informed that they may be the subject of promotional campaigns undertaken by Polantis and by our clients. Users are also hereby informed that their personal information may be the subject of profiling actions in order to better target promotional campaigns. If you have any objection to this use of your information please contact us at:


Messages automatically created by Polantis and sent to a User’s email address (for example newsletters, special offers) always contain an opt-out / unsubscribe link.  However administrative messages (including change or loss of password, account validation, ban) do not contain an opt-out link. 

Contact by our clients

When registering your User account at you expressly consent to be subject to direct prospecting by Polantis and our clients who may send you messages intended to promote, whether directly or indirectly, goods, services, or the image of a person selling such goods or providing such services according to the meaning articulated in article L34-5 of the postal and telecommunications code and/or or any amending legislation national or European including the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002 any implementing legislation and any amending or replacement legislation. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact us at

2.1 Collection of personally-identifying information

We collect the following information:


Mandatory personal information required and collected by Polantis: First name; Last name; Valid email address; city; country; profession; current position.

All other information listed is optional. 

Sensitive Personal Data: We do not ask you to provide information relative to your race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual orientation or criminal record (“Sensitive Personal Data”). If for any reason you should post or include such information when registering for our using our Services, it is important that you know that it will be visible to others in the same way as information you provide which is not Sensitive Personal Data.

We reserve the right to amend or change the information we need to collect from you at any time. 

The personally-identifiable information that we collect is gathered through the collection methods described below in the "Forms and Methods of Collection" section and following sections.

2.2 Forms and Methods of Collection

User Registration Information from BIMobject:

Following the Effective Date new users and certain existing users who so choose, may sign into from In the case of new Users, the information inputted when creating their BIMobject Cloud user account is automatically accessed to populate the same fields on the Polantis registration page where Users may input further information in order to complete their Polantis User account. 


Your information is also collected in particular through the following methods:

2.3 Log files and cookies

We collect some information through log files and cookies. This information is mainly of the following types:

Polantis may rely on the services of third party providers (Google Analytics or other service providers deployed for the needs of the website).

Use of such files allows us to achieve the following objectives:

A "Cookie" or tracker is an electronic file placed on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and it is read, for example, when the user consults a website, an email is read, a software program or a mobile application is installed or used, regardless of the type of terminal used (source:  ).
By navigating on this site, "cookies" coming from the company that is responsible for the site concerned and/or third party companies could be placed on your device.
When you first visit this site, a banner that explains the use of "cookies" will appear. As a result, by continuing to navigate the site, the client and/or prospect will be presumed to have been informed and accepted the use of said "cookies". The consent given will be valid for a period of one (1) to thirteen (13) months, according to the cookies. The user has the option to deactivate the cookies through use of his or her browser’s parameters.

The information collected will be used to achieve the objective presented above and enable the site to track the volume, type, and configuration of the traffic that uses the site in order to develop the design and organization and for other administrative and planning purposes and more generally to improve the service we provide.
The following cookies are present on this site:

Their lifespan varies from one to thirteen months, depending on the cookie.

For more information on the use, management, and deletion of "cookies", for all types of browsers, please visit the following link:

Article 3-How is your information shared? 

3.1 Your information may be shared on Polantis in the following way

Intra Company Sharing:
We are wholly owned by BIMobject and we therefore may receive and share your information with/from BIMobject for administrative and other reasons.

Non-Personal information:
Generalized and aggregated information such as how many sessions the website experiences every day, may be distributed to outside parties for purposes of marketing, sales or strategic development. 

If you consent:
Where you clearly consent to us sharing your information. You can always withdraw your consent.

Through third party companies, subcontractors and service providers:
We hire third-party vendors and subcontractors to provide specialized services such as customer support; email message deployment, server facilities etc. These companies are only allowed to use your Information in order to help us fulfil our services to you. We do not provide your personal information  to these companies for their own, permanent use.  We require that these service providers act strictly only on our instructions and where applicable in accordance with data protection laws.

Legal Obligation: 
When required by law, such as when we respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process.

Breach or Violation: 
We believe that your actions violate applicable laws, our Terms of Use, or any usage guidelines for specific products or services, or threaten the rights, property, or safety of our company, our users, or others.

Change in Business: 
In the event of a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, transfer of control, joint venture or other business combination involving us, or our affiliates.

With our Clients: Your information is visible to certain of our clients/manufacturers in circumstances where you download their 2D or 3D objects and it is transferred to them. Users downloading 2D or 3D objects allow manufacturers of the corresponding products to use their personal information for marketing purposes.


Article 4 – Transfers outside the European Union

Polantis is a globally accessible platform.

Users are advised that their personal information may be transferred to a recipient located in a country outside of the European Union which may have data protection laws which are different, and potentially not as protective, as the laws of your own country. Your personal information can be transferred either by: 

In cases of companies from the United States, an equivalency determination will allow assurance of an adequate level of protection for information transferred (Privacy shield).

On the date this document is updated, non-European companies to which data are transferred are as follows:


At the effective date to the best of our knowledge, information and belief, all adhere to the principles of the Privacy Shield as stated in the updated site of the United States Department of Commerce:

To the extent that Polantis is deemed to transfer your personal information outside the EU as for example to group companies, data processors, service providers, subcontractors (see Article 5 below) or storage servers outside the EU we aim to use appropriate safeguards where necessary including for example EU Commission approved Model Clauses or in the case of United States entities, evidence that same are registered under the Privacy Shield framework.


Article 5 – Sharing of personal information with subcontractors

Your information may be shared with third companies in order to provide services, in particular:

Polantis will aim to ensure that its subcontractors are located in the European Union and as such are subject to the GDPR however if not, safeguards as referred to in the final paragraph of Article 5 above are put in place.

Article 6-Security Policy

We take the security of your personal information very seriously. We work hard to provide appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect against compromise, loss, misuse, unauthorised access to, alteration, or destruction of the information we hold about you. We are continuously monitoring our system and strive to be one step ahead. We remind you however that there is no completely secure system and we cannot provide 100% guarantee that any information when transferred through the internet or stored on a server will be absolutely safe from intrusion or compromise and it is possible that third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications over an unsecured transmission.

Article 7- EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the "GDPR")  

Where processing of your personal information is regulated by the GDPR we are obliged to provide you with certain information.

7.1 Data Controller

For the purposes of processing of personal information of Users on where same falls under the provisions of the GDPR, the data controller is: BIMobject AB  Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden.

If you wish to contact the data controller you may do so as follows:



7.2 Legal Grounds for processing

The GDPR sets out the legal grounds for processing of personal information under Article 6. Your personal information on Polantis is processed on the following legal grounds.

Consent: Where we process your personal information based on consent, we will ask for your consent which you can freely give and withdraw subsequently at any time.

We rely on the legal basis of consent where for example you have clearly exercised your opt-in rights for instance in respect of the receipt of marketing communications.

Contract: To fulfil our contract with you.

We rely on Contract as a legal ground since you have entered into a contract with us when agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We collect and process your personal information because it is necessary in relation to our contract with you.

Legitimate Interest: Where the processing of your personal information is for the purpose of our legitimate interest, provided that such processing shall not outweigh your rights and freedoms.

We may rely on the legal ground of legitimate interest where we for instance deal with your queries through our customer service.

If you have any questions about this paragraph or the lawful bases upon which we collect and use your personal information, please contact us at

Article 8. Right to delete (to be forgotten),  to limit use, to oppose

These rights allow you to:

Given the business model of the Polantis company and the advantages stemming therefrom for the benefit of Users, you are informed of the fact that electing to exercise these rights is incompatible with the use of our services.

Exercising these rights with respect to our company is done through an administrator tasked with data protection:

In addition, Users can edit or delete said personal information at will through the EDIT PROFILE option in your User account. 

Any request in respect of the foregoing rights should include a photocopy of a valid, signed identity document and it should include the address where we may contact the party making the request. The response will be sent during the month following receipt of the request. The one-month period may extend to two months if the complexity of the request and/or if the number of requests require more time.

Please note that when our clients gain access to your personal information their use of and processing of same will be subject to their own privacy policies and privacy practices and we urge you to familiarize yourself with it. If you wish to oppose a client’s use of your personal information or indeed have any objection to their use of your personal information for direct marketing, prospecting or any other purposes you should contact the applicable client directly and exercise your rights against that party. If you are User in the European Union, our clients are subject to the provisions of the GDPR. 

Article 9 – Right to information, to access, correct and portability

These rights allow you to:

You also have the right to obtain your information in a usable digital format (portability).

These rights can be exercised by contacting the data protection service at

Article 10 – Data Retention

Polantis will keep your personal information for a period that shall not exceed five years from your last use of its services.


Polantis does not store financial information (credit cards bank account details etc.) provided by its Users. 


Article 11 –Data Protection Authority: 

Polantis SAS respects and is bound to the CNIL (French National Commission of Information and Liberty) regulations and its declaration number at CNIL is: 1427823.

If you have any problems with the way that we are handling your personal information in addition to your general rights to contact any authority, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Board (Sw. Datainspektionen) which is your lead supervisory authority in the EU.

Please contact:

Box 8114
SE-104 20 Stockholm


Phone number: +46 8 657 61 00



Article 12 – Acceptance

Any usage of the Website as well as the placement of an order by clicking the button to accept the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy constitute your acceptance of these conditions. 


We value you and want you to enjoy however, if you are in any way not happy with the proposed use of your information as stated above or with any aspect of this Privacy Policy you should abstain from using this Website. 


Article 13-Privacy Policy Changes

Polantis is committed to ensuring the most secure and private operating environment for all users of our Website. We may at any time modify or amend this Privacy Policy. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy or changes which significantly impact your rights or choices regarding your information including your personal information, we will inform you through our Website, so you can see what changes are proposed. If you object to the changes, you are free to close your account, however if you continue to use the Website after we publish or otherwise inform you about any changes, that means that you agree to the full terms of the updated Privacy Policy. If at any time you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy please feel free to email us at the contact details given. 

Thank you for using our services. We’ll keep working hard to earn your business, and your loyalty!