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Legal notices and data protection

POLANTIS complies with applicable legislation regarding data protection, and the following information is provided for your reference.

Article 1 – Legal notices

Article 2 – Purposes for the collection of data and user consent

The Polantis company makes available to its users at no cost or at low cost the products created by its customers in digital format. In exchange for this service, it asks its users to transmit a certain number of data for purposes of:

For purposes of evaluating the appropriateness of products on the market and leading promotional campaigns.

Use of the site and the products digitized by the Editor requires adherence to this business model and understanding on the part of the user of the financial benefit stemming therefrom. In the event of refusal, the user should abstain from using the site and the digitized products that are available on the site.

For this purpose, users are informed that they may be the subject of promotional campaigns undertaken by the Polantis company and by its clients. They are also hereby informed that the data may be the subject of profiling actions in order to better target promotional campaigns.

By using the Editor’s site, users expressly consent to be subjects of direct prospecting by the Editor and its clients by sending messages that are intended to promote, whether directly or indirectly, goods, services, or the image of a person selling such goods or providing such services according to the meaning articulated in article L34-5 of the postal and telecommunications code.

2.1 Collection of personally-identifying information
We collect the following information:

In the future, we may collect other data in order to achieve the purposes listed above.

The personally-identifiable information that we collect is gathered through the collection methods described below in the "Forms and Methods of Collection" section and following sections.

2.2 Forms and Methods of Collection
Your personal data are collected in particular through the following methods:
2.3 Log files and cookies

We collect some information through log files and cookies. This information is mainly of the following types:

The Company may rely on the services of third party providers (Google Analytics or other service providers deployed for the needs of the website).

Use of such files allows us to achieve the following objectives:

A "Cookie" or tracker is an electronic file placed on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and it is read, for example, when the user consults a website, an email is read, a software program or a mobile application is installed or used, regardless of the type of terminal used (source:  ).
By navigating on this site, "cookies" coming from the company that is responsible for the site concerned and/or third party companies could be placed on your device.
When you first visit this site, a banner that explains the use of "cookies" will appear. As a result, by continuing to navigate the site, the client and/or prospect will be presumed to have been informed and accepted the use of said "cookies". The consent given will be valid for a period of one (1) to thirteen (13) months, according to the cookies. The user has the option to deactivate the cookies through use of his or her browser’s parameters.

The information collected will be used to achieve the objective presented above and enable the site to track the volume, type, and configuration of the traffic that uses the site in order to develop the design and organization and for other administrative and planning purposes and more generally to improve the service we provide.
The following cookies are present on this site:

Their lifespan varies from one to thirteen months, depending on the cookie.

For more information on the use, management, and deletion of "cookies", for all types of browsers, please visit the following link:

Article 3 – Right to delete, to limit use, to oppose

These rights allow you to:

Given the business model of the Polantis company and the advantages stemming therefrom for the benefit of users, you are informed of the fact that electing to exercise these rights is incompatible with the use of our services.

Exercising these rights with respect to our company is done through an administrator tasked with data protection:

Any request should include a photocopy of a valid, signed identity document and it should include the address where the editor may contact the party making the request. The response will be sent during the month following receipt of the request. The one-month period may extend to two months if the complexity of the request and/or if the number of requests require more time.

You can find more information about how to exercise these rights at the following website:

Please note that we are not in control of the use of data that we have transferred to our clients with your consent.

However, with respect to your data, provided you reside in the European Union, our clients are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations for Privacy Data Protection. You may download these regulations here.

If you are the subject of a prospecting action, you will need to exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting the party that has engaged in such prospecting.

Article 4 – Right to access, correct, transfer data, and access to the monitoring authority

These rights allow you to:

You also have the right to obtain your data in a usable digital format (portability).

These rights can be exercised by contacting the data protection service at

You can also make a claim with the CNIL at

Article 5 – Data preservation policy

The Editor will keep your data for a period that shall not exceed five years from your last use of its services.

Article 6 – Sharing of personal data with sub-contractors

Personal data may be shared with third companies in order to provide services, in particular:

The Editor will ensure that its sub-contractors are located in the European Union and as such are subject to the Regulation, or in a country with which data may be exchanged under conditions of sufficient guarantee (Safe Harbour) or that the company in question has voluntarily agreed to abide by criteria that allow for assuring equivalent protection.

Article 7 – Transfer outside the European Union

Users are advised that their data may be transferred to a recipient located in a country outside of the European Union:

In cases of companies from the United States, an equivalency determination will allow assurance of an adequate level of protection for data transferred (Privacy shield).

On the date this document is updated, non-European companies to which data are transferred are as follows:

These have adhered to the Privacy Shield as stated in the updated site of the United States Department of Commerce:

Article 8 – Acceptance

Any usage of the website as well as the placement of an order by clicking the button to accept the general conditions of use and the protection of personal data constitute your acceptance of these conditions.

Article 9 – Contact us

For any questions, requests for information regarding the products presented on the website, or questions about the website itself, you may leave a message at the following address: