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It all started in Frankfurt / Main back in 1951. Having initially concentrated on screed construction, at the start of the 1960’s we began to develop new, modern synthetic resin-based products for the dynamically growing construction sector; primarily for floor coatings and engineering applications in trade and industry. We have continued on that path with countless research projects to date.

For... bekijk meer the last few decades we have been active across the world, in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

As the markets developed, so did Silikal. With ever changing requirements demanding constant product developments, the product range grew from year to year.

Today, our customers can choose from a large number of MMA, Epoxy or PU products and specialties, whether coating, sealants, mortars or PU concrete, tested to CE, TÜV and AgBB standards. On offer are resins for marking and orthopedic applications, adhesives for filling cracks or testing tensile strength and resins for design floors or tactile guidance systems for the blind to name just a few.

Our focus is on consultancy, service, quick response and of course quality! Our feedback when customers need us is as fast as curing times of our reactive resins. A whole team of specialists, technicians, application engineers and developers are in attendance for you.

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