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Duco was founded in 1991 and presently occupies ultra-modern premises along the E40 motorway in Veurne. The company has grown into a key European player and trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation and solar shading systems.

Duco 'Ventilation & Sun Control' was started in 1991 and is now located in an ultra-modern industrial facility of 101,000 m2 (spread over two sites) in Veurne (Belgi... bekijk meerum), situated along the E40 Ostend-Calais motorway. Today Duco is a leading European producer of ventilation and solar shading systems which guarantee"naturally" a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

Duco supplies oxygen to every building naturally. Bringing fresh air in directly via the façade, without complex supply air ducts, is the ultimate guarantee for a healthy indoor climate. The consumer's health is, therefore, central to Duco.

A well thought-out combination of basic ventilation, intensive ventilation and solar shading provide for an optimum air quality. Duco provides an innovative solution for residential properties, offices, schools or care centres where everyone feels at home. ... zie minder

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