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Established in Maine et Loire, ATECH is a company specialized in flower furniture since 1986.
Its creators exploited a patent named SIFU (Interchangeable System of the Urban Flower) and decided to launch their business into the flower suspension business. Thereafter, they filed another suspension patent, the story of ATECH was written.

This flower furniture has evolved to street furniture to h... bekijk meerarmonize your projects.

Following a florishing business model, in 2007, ATECH joined the Girod group, leader in Signage. This integration allows us to offer you a wide range of services to all urban planning professions.

Nowdays ATECH is a designer and manufacturer of vegetal street furniture. Atech offers you a global service perfectly adapted to your projects.

From standard product to specific project, ATECH employs many skills necessary to realize and develop your projects (technical study, calculation note, steel element, boiler making, surface treatment, assembly, wiring ...).

Major protagonist in urban vegetal environment, ATECH is present throughout France, as well as internationally thanks to our sales network and distributors in over 35 countries. ... zie minder

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