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Art textiles made with the world's one and only weaving technology

By arranging silk threads and gold and silver threads in dots, complex color expressions and delicate patterns can be expressed. The unique techniques cultivated in the production of obi fabrics have made it possible to create delicate, photographic-like textile expressions. Bijutsu-ori, which can reproduce works of art through ... Mehr sehenweaving, can be considered a new type of textile that transcends Nishijin-ori textiles.

A new world of weaving that transcends preconceived notions

With groundbreaking technological developments that go beyond textiles as a craft, the company has opened up a completely new world of weaving and is establishing a new genre with its weaving techniques. The company has also received various awards for its long-standing accumulation of technical expertise and product development capabilities.

Consolidation of internal processes that can respond immediately to needs

In Nishijin, where the division of labor is the basic principle, the company has established an integrated process system that speeds up the development of manufacturing by bringing in-house the process of making the crest paper, which is the key content, as well as design, to reach the goal more quickly than other companies would have outsourced. ... weniger sehen