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Polantis is now part of BIMobject- Important information for Users 


BIMobject acquired Polantis earlier this year. For more information please see the attached press release

The Platforms

BIMobject AB (“BIMobject”) is the owner of The BIMobject Cloud available at www.bimobject.com

Polantis SAS (“Polantis”) is the owner of the Polantis platform available at www.polantis.com 

Both the BIMobject and Polantis cloud platforms continue to operate independently but are now owned within the same corporate family! 

Access to two platforms-what does this mean for existing and new Polantis users? 

Existing User: If you are an existing Polantis user, when you visit www.polantis.com you now have the option to:

 (i) either simply log in to your account and access the Polantis platform as normal; or

 (ii) be redirected to the registration page at www.bimobject.com where you can create a BIMobject user account from where you can access both the Polantis and BIMobject platforms. 

New User: Persons intending to create new user accounts at polantis.com will now firstly create a BIMobject user  account and thereafter complete their Polantis user account profile by inputting further information at www.polantis.com. Therefore all new users will have access to both platforms. 


BIMobject.com EULA and Privacy Policy 

When you register your account at www.bimobject.com you will need to agree to the BIMobject EULA (end user licence agreement) and privacy policy available on the BIMobject website.

Polantis: Updated End User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Because of the acquisition of Polantis by BIMobject the Polantis Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been updated and access to www.polantis.com requires that you agree to same  https://www.polantis.com/CGU/.

Your personal information-GDPR

Due to the change of ownership BIMobject shall now be the data controller in respect of your personal data. Further information about the processing of your personal data and contact details of the data controller are available in the Polantis Privacy Policy referenced above. 

It is important to note that for new users of Polantis.com the personal information you input when creating a BIMobject user account will be automatically transferred to Polantis.com to populate the equivalent fields in the user registration section. You can then complete registration of your Polantis account by inputting further information as you desire. 

Marketing Communications

The services available at Polantis.com will continue to be provided to you in accordance with your existing marketing preferences and you may opt out of Polantis marketing communications in the same way you do today. For more information please see the Polantis Privacy Policy. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the new sign on mechanism please contact us at contact@polantis.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible.