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Biofib'Isolation manufactures bio-based innovative solutions for buildings insulation. Indeed, since its creation in 2009, Biofib’Isolation valorizes the intrinsic properties of hemp and flax fibres to design competitive, environmental friendly and sustainable insulation products, and promotes the “short cycle” supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint.

The hemp and flax fibers which compose ... Mehr sehenour materials are produced by local farmers within a 100 km radius around our manufacturing plant. These fibers which are the DNA of our insulation materials, provide thermal, ecological and technical characteristics such as thermal inertia, moisture permeability and buffering.

Biofib’s products are versatile and suitable for all constructive systems (new building and retrofitting). Biofib’ provides certified thermal and acoustical products approved by labelling organizations (ACERMI, CSTB). ... weniger sehen