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RECKLI is a world leader in the design and manufacture of elastic formliners and moulds and liquid rubbers for the own production of such formliners and moulds.

for attractive surface modulation and shaping of exposed concrete. RECKLI Formliners are used in precasting factories and in cast-in-situ concrete.

Liquid plastic:
for Make-your-own formliners and mould and pattern maki... see moreng as well as for the surfaces protection.
The complex area of application goes form the preservation of monuments and restoration of valuable substance of building, over the protection of strong used surfaces in horizontal and vertical area till to the mould making in the porcelain and ceramic industry.

At least is RECKLI since decades a world wide with approx. 70 % export-share competitive partner for architects and planers, for the concrete and building industry, for all public and commercial, industrials and private users. ... see less

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