What is Polantis?

We place our clients' products inside architects' projects.Polantis is a leading provider of BIM content creation and distribution serving all the AEC markets.

What we do?

We are a group of architects and CAD and BIM experts.
More than 51 thousand architecture firms subscribe to our free our service. A new practice joins, on average, every 15 minutes. We provide our architects with free 3D CAD versions of our clients' products and we make them compatible with most Architecutarl software.
Our clients include Ikea, Baccarat, Wienerberger, Horizal, La toulousaine, Armstrong, Vllleroy & Boch....

Who are we?

Itai Cellier, President and Founder
A professional architect and CAD & BIM (Building Information Modeling) expert, Itai worked as an architect in France and Abroad for four years before heading up projects ARC Technology. He founded Polantis in 2008.

Laura Proust, Associate Director and Founder
After gaining a master's degree in marketing and management, Laura went to work on to projects at 3M in the UK, Apriso and the United States. She then returned to France to join the marketing team at OranginaSchweppes, Newtone-Interior and Lancel. She joins Polantis in 2009.

How we got started ?

We started Polantis in 2008 to deliver a service we found ourselves during our time as architects. We believe that manufacturers should provide architects with ready made 3D versions of their products. We realized a product needs only be drawn once. Then as many architects as need it can downloaded it from us free.