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TopCleanTrend® with Ribbed Carpet and Cassette Brush

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Since the foundation of GEGGUS GmbH in front of more than 70 years the company has developed an impressive product variety with high performance and excellent quality.
Attractiveness, economy and effectiveness are the use advantages of our entrance matting systems. Entrance mats of GEGGUS GmbH do not only keep your entrance area reliably clean and attractive, they also prolong the cleaning interv... see moreals of your floors.

GEGGUS GmbH has specialized himself in the production of aluprofilemats (TOP CLEAN) and honeycomb rubbermats (KARO AS und DOMINO) and be part of the market leaders in Europe today. Frames made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel, noising and coir mats as well as products for the technical trade, round off the delivering program. Fast order processing and precision in the production of standard and special measures make a short delivery time possible. ... see less

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