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Reggane 3010 Compact Radiator

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FINIMETAL - a strong brand

Leadership, team spirit and commitment are the foundations that guide our actions. Those values determine our unique know-how and our behavior towards the people who surrounds us. Sharing those values is the common link that unites us.

Our products, like the T6 radiator are sold by the millions in Europe. Our strength is to have solutions for all types of needs : s... see morepecific heaters for renovation or new construction, custom design heaters and floor heating systems.

For all of our clients, the FINIMETAL brand is intricately linked to high tech. They trust our expertise in design and energy efficiency but also the wide range of services and high-end solutions we provide them.

FINIMETAL's goal is too reinforce its position thanks to more and more advanced heaters with better tech, better energy efficiency and trendy design concepts aiming at redesigning living spaces. ... see less

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