Ecocem enables the binder to be recomposed in the concrete mixer and offers the possibility of adjusting the GGBS concentration according to the desired colour, strength and durability to suit the specifications of project owners and prime contractors and site constraints (transportation times, external temperatures, etc.)

Ecocem ground granulated slag is manufactured under a fully controlled process, by drying and fine-grinding the raw material, granulated slag. This is a secondary material co-produced with cast iron by the blast furnaces of ArcelorMittal at Fos sur Mer.

Packaging: bulk and big bags on request.

It is used:

In concrete mixes as a substitute for type I and II cements, as a type II pozzolanic or latent hydraulic additive within the meaning of the national appendices to NF EN 206-1/CN or as a grain modifier;
In the mix for cement surface preparations;
With bentonite for producing special foundations, soil reinforcements, etc.;
As a base for hydraulic binders for roads or for road gravel;
For treating agricultural materials (hemp, rapeseed, etc.) to improve their resistance to water penetration, mildew and their reaction to fire.
In combination with marine sediments.

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