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The « Union des Fabricants de Menuiseries » (UFME) is a French association gathering manufacturers and installers of windows and doors (any conception, any material – PVC, wood, aluminum, steel, composite…) and associated professionals.

Thanks to its expertise UFME fulfils its mission publishing technical information and professional rules but also updated references on regulation and market. U... see moreFME is an active member of national and European standardization groups, and of partner French and European associations (AIMCC, Pôle Fenêtre de la FFB, Eurowindoor).

In 2015 UFME launched a technical working group dedicated to BIM for windows and external doors. Any involved actor on the topic is welcome to join the group and contribute to collective work for profession. Hence we already developed an exhaustive dictionary for properties related to windows and doors, and are able to publish today generic objects for these products. The generic data attached to each generic object are intended to help BIM managers or architects build their model and search for specific manufacturers’ objects in accordance to generic definition. These generic BIM objects can also be used as templates for new specific manufacturers’ objects.

The association also promotes useful information through public documentation helping find adequate quality French manufactured windows and doors. Recently UFME has launched a new structure named UFME CAMPUS which is dedicated to training for professional actors in windows and doors sector. The trainees can learn building physics, thermal or acoustical properties of products, and basic information for beginners in windows and doors professional world. UFME CAMPUS offers a wide program enabling professionals strengthen their technical knowledge and expertise. ... see less