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4525 + 4525 U247-40-20 double beam

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Architects can do a lot with us, as long as it deals with building profiles

Our business profile? We help achitects and planners to implement creative ideas and help to develop special Solutions.

We offer more possibilities for planning design and selection of materialOur high-quality and innovative profiles give shape and security. For architects this means: More freedom in planning and in mate... see morerial selection, for example for suspended ceilings. Alone in the area of plaster and facade profiles we offer more than 800 products.

We are a profile-partner for achitects and plannersProtektor supports achitects, planners and craftsmen from idea to development until implementation of building projects. Our staff acts quickly and straightforward without bureaucratic detours. We advise with the experience and know-how of a family-run company having realised architectural ideas for more than 100 years and today awarded for innovative products.

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