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Vinylit Fassaden GmbH located in Kassel, Germany is a specialist manufacturer of façade systems offering an alternative concept in external wall insulation and rainscreens.

Our rainscreen systems are available in natural crushed stone, as well as wood or brick effect and can be combined with a reveal system for windows and doors. Our products are available under the brand names: vinyTherm, viny... bekijk meerStone, vinyPlus, vinyTop, vinyBrick, and vinyCom.
Vinylit offer insulation panels with an integrated batten, enabling quick and effective installation of our rainscreen systems - available as: Neolit (expanded polystyrene) and vinyPur (polyurethane).
All façade systems are characterized by a quick and uncomplicated installation method and are easily installed by any contractor including roofers and carpenters.
The curtain ventilated façades offer a permanent protection of the basic structure of a building against atmospheric conditions. In combination with the insulation elements, or rather a conventional wall build-up by mineral wool and substructure, they achieve a considerable conservation of energy and improvement of sound insulation.
Our products offer an alternative to traditional systems of wet render and insulation suitable for offices, houses, schools, and hospitals and are ideal for buildings of a non-traditional construction. ... zie minder