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Series 100 Single lever basin mixer without pop up waste 100 1710

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For more than 15 years Steinberg have been offering products out of the ordinary to better express your individuality. The Steinberg brand enables you to make a personal statement also in bathroom and spa, for they are part of the integrated living concept—a homage to your individual lifestyle. Uniform and ordinary designs make it hard to express your individual lifestyle, however, which is ... bekijk meerwhy we at Steinberg focus on our designs being individual, fresh and all other than conventional. This has been our basic principle from the very beginning—and still is.

No Steinberg product is ordinary, but as unique as their owner. We offer design to mirror your personal style, with a touch of timelessness in the contours: whether masculine or feminine, self-assured or discreet, puristic or sensual—always fine and upmarket. In combination with the high-grade materials Steinberg exclusively use and sophisticated functionality every design becomes an expressive, tangible personality.

STEINBERG was founded in 2002 and has been manufacturing faucets, rain showers and bathroom accessories for over 15 years. Both national and international sales are effected via three-level distribution channels. Steinberg's faucet creations have already won numerous design awards; apart from their in-house designs, Steinberg now and again commission renowned product designers such as Jochen Schmiddem and Michael Schneider to develop new design idioms.

In 2016 Steinberg opened its Steinberg factory for high-end faucets. Steinberg GmbH's portfolio comprises 13 faucet series, one of them from the Steinberg factory, 4 accessories series and a rain shower series.

Especially for bathroom installers Steinberg provide concealed solutions with innovative technology. ... zie minder

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