Angled Standing Seam Facade (430 mm, horizontal, prePATINA blue-grey)  3D View

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RHEINZINK was founded by the companies Grillo, Stolberger Zinc together with Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke in 1966. Today it belongs to the Grillo group of companies and has a workforce of over 700 people.
RHEINZINK has an international presence with boasting subsidiaries and sales branches all over the world. For over 45 years the RHEINZINK Group has produced top-quality titanium zinc at its Datteln site offering different surface qualities.
The applications for RHEINZINK titanium zinc include roofing, roof dormers, facade cladding and roof drainage systems. Titanium zinc from RHEINZINK is very popular as a modern material that offers wide scope for design. Many internationally famed architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Frank O. Gehry or Zaha Hadid have discovered this material and appreciate its benefits. Thanks to its durability and high recycling rate RHEINZINK is also the preferred choice of material for classical roof drainage systems using gutters and pipes.

The angled standing seam is formed similar to the double standing seam except the final fold is turned parallel to the cladding surface. The resulting 12 mm wide seam creates a strong line definition. The standard panel width is 430 mm, the height of the seam is approx. 25 mm. The minimum roof pitch is 25° (47%) or 35° (70%) for areas with high snow loads, a fully supporting substrate is required. Special shapes such as convex and concave curves or tapered panels can be produced without any problem.
RHEINZINK is a trade name for titanium zinc, made in Germany, manufactured according to DIN EN 988. The base of the alloy consists of electrolyte primary zinc with a 99.995% purity degree according to DIN EN 1179. The alloy is combined with low, quantitatively defined amounts of copper and titanium. RHEINZINK is a natural material that develops an adherent zinc carbonate layer when exposed to the atmosphere over the course of its service life. This so called patina guarantees the high corrosion resistance of the zinc. The product can undergo an innovative pre-weathering process which takes the natural colour change of the surface into consideration, to produce the RHEINZINK-prePATINA surface qualities. This colour matching process does not affect the protective properties, so that all the positive properties of solid zinc remain.
EN 988, EN 14783
H: 0.07 cm - 0.08 cm
W: 43 cm - 53 cm
D: 400 cm