LUMICENE circular window concept  3D View

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LUMICENE focuses on the inside/outside relationship with a revolutionnary window concept trying to make the most of the use of space and sun light. Made of curved and panoramic glazed panels, this adjustable space can be transformed from a living room (inside) into a balcony (outside) in one go, thanks to its set of sliding panels.

LUMICENE is a unique concept of bioclimatic and reversible window, a clever compromise between a balcony, a loggia or a traditional bow-window. Objects include the different diameters and heights available. Blinds integrated by default. Ability to move the panels in order to present multiple views of the building with LUMICENE in its different positions.
Compatible with current regulations.
H: 225 cm - 250 cm
W: 3000 cm - 6000 cm
D: cm