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LP 5 - System 10 - thickness 12 cm

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THE FABRIC FROM WHICH IDEAS AREConcrete stands for unlimited freedom of design. The diversity of facets is reflected in unique surface finishes, shapes and color worlds. At the same time, concrete stands for safety and durability. And for the opportunity to equip him with useful additional functions. Using this freedom and translating it into convincing product lines with ima... bekijk meergination is our passion.

LET THERE BE LIFE!Contributing to the design of habitats is a challenging task. Each of us has a claim to be comfortable where he is and moves. Be it at home or on the way. Our goal is therefore to create comfortable rooms. Spaces you enjoy, alone or in company. From this we develop our drive.It is a great pleasure for us that Lithonplus products can now be found in innumerable projects and thus make a contribution to the design of living spaces. Just after the motto: Let it live! ... zie minder

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