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Garden roofs and green roofs with a concrete structural member in a low-land climate - CSFE - Generic objects waterproofing

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Founded in 1929, member of the “Fédération Française du Bâtiment (FFB)” (french building federation), the “Chambre Syndicale Française du Bâtiment (CSFE)” (french union of waterproofing) represents several professions:

• waterproofing for the building (flat roofs, landscaped slabs, car parks, underground walls, tanking works) and for engineering structures (bridges, covered trenches) ;

• cla... bekijk meerdding.

Associated with these two professions, the CSFE also integrates the isolation function.
The CSFE brings together manufacturers who produce the products intended for these trades and the companies that use them.
The CSFE has more than 300 members throughout the French country, representing 75% of the total activity of the sector.

The missions of the CSFE aim to defend and promote the profession. To do this, his missions are multiple:

• Representativeness: the CSFE is present in many instances with which it defends the interests of its members.
• Technical: the national technical commission animates and coordinates all the actions and works carried out by the sub-commissions and technical groups in the fields of standardization, regulation, research, and maintenance. The CSFE takes an active part in the elaboration and revision of building codes and professional rules. It offers technical support to its members.
• Communication: the CSFE promotes the waterproofing and cladding professions through numerous actions and supports, especially with its two flagship publications, “Etanchéité.Info” (for waterproofing) and “Bardage.Info” (for cladding), as well as the publication of technical publications, site internet, events.
• Training: initial and ongoing training is a priority area of CSFE, developing joint actions with the training center for building and public works professions.
• Safety, hygiene and health: active participation in the writing of regulatory or normative documents on the safety of goods and people, actions in the fight against MSDs, etc.
• Insurance: contribution to the work concerning insurability of works including the specificities of the profession of waterproofing.
• Environment: Reflections on High Environmental Quality, waste management, production of environmental and health data sheets, etc. ... zie minder

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