porte-fenêtre 1 vantail PVC, avec ou sans soubassement  3D View

With over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of joineries, MAUGIN offers a broad range of PVC and aluminium products: outside windows, front doors, roller shutters for new and refurbished single housing.
Thanks to an innovative industrial tool, the family-owned group, located in Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins (West Coast of France) produces over 140 000 joineries per year, made out of PVC and aluminium profiles.
These joineries are officially certified and have received the labels in line with European standards.
MAUGIN also supervises Terres de Fenêtre, a commercial brand created in 2003. Operating as a network, Terres de Fenêtre now comprises over 132 outlets spread throughout France. They distribute a wide range of high-quality products ideally positioned on the market of refurbished single housing and habitat improvements: outside windows, front doors, shutters, blinds, portals, garage doors, pergolas.
These experts in the field of retail and installation of PVC and aluminium joineries are very careful to the quality of the services they provide their customers with. Definitely, Terres de Fenêtre knows how to meet the owners’ expectations as far as habitat improvements are concerned

Profil PVC 71mm 5 chambres
Renforcement selon abaques de fabrication
Ouvrant plat
Blanc masse de base + 11 couleurs préférentielles
Poignée indexée à la couleur du châssis en couleurs préférentielles
Fiches platines laquées à la couleur du châssis en couleurs préférentielles
Quincaillerie standard
Uw = 1,4 W/(m².K)
Sw = 0.39
Tlw = 0.55
A3 E7B VA2
Rw(C;Ctr) : 33 (-2;-5) MAXI 40dB
NF EN 14351-1
NF-Fenêtre PVC-Certifié CSTB Certified-Acotherm


Minimal Width 600
Minimal Height 850
Maximal Width 1000
Maximal Height 2250


Glass Thickness 28
Frame Width 120
Free Passage 785
OverallHeight 2198
OverallWidth 964


Name porte-fenêtre 1 vantail PVC, avec ou sans soubassement


Heat Transfer Coefficient - U (W/m²K) 1.4
Glazing Conductivity - Ug (W/m²K) 1.1
Solar Heat Gain Transmittance -Tlw 0.55
Glazing Aera Fraction (m²) 1.41


Fire Classification M2
Is combustible Non


Manufacturer Adress ZI de la Guerche 44250 Sant-Brévin les Pins
Function Neuf
Warranty Biennale et Décennale selon composant
OpeningType Française, OB
Glass Composit 4FE/20 Argon/4
Sound insulation RA 33(-2,-5)


URL www.maugin.fr
Type Comments Frappe PVC
Model Classique
Description Porte Fenêtre 1 vantail
Is tempered Non
Translucency 78.00%
Reflectivity 13.00%
External Shading Coefficient 0.86
Manufacturer MAUGIN


Frame Material PVC
Glass Material Verre
Accessories Material Acier, Alu…

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H: 850 cm - 2250 cm
W: 600 cm - 1000 cm
D: 120 cm - 200 cm
Dark Purple Dark Purple
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Light Green Light Green
Black Black
Dark Pink Dark Pink
White White
Light Brown Light Brown
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Brown Dark Brown
Light Purple Light Purple
Light Blue Light Blue
Dark Yellow Dark Yellow
Light Yellow Light Yellow
Dark Red Dark Red
Light Red Light Red
Light Grey Light Grey
Dark Orange Dark Orange
Light Orange Light Orange
All shades of RAL All shades of RAL
Green Green
Red Red
Brown Brown
Anthracite Anthracite
Beige Beige
Chêne Doré Chêne Doré
Chêne Irlandais Chêne Irlandais
Acajou Acajou