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What’s the Polantis Marketplace ?

Upload your BIM objects within 2 minutes, fix your price and sell without charge.

Purchase BIM objects that are designed by other prescribers.

The objects which are available on the Polantis Marketplace are thought to meet the needs of the Polantis community members.

In order to guarantee a high level of quality the team of Polantis approved all objects available on the marketplace.


How does the selling and buying of objects work ?

At Polantis, the architects will assess your objects. They check their aesthetics, practicality, realism, level of details, or, for the BIM objects, if they are parametric.

No, your object is your creation. You are the copyrights owner therefore Polantis cannot own them without your consent.

You will decide of the selling price of your object along with Polantis on Polantis Market. The prices could range from some cents to several tens of euros depending on their value. For example, some objects, like Allplan objects, are rarer, therefore, more expensive. You will earn 80% of the selling price, Polantis keeps 20%. These 20% will be use to improve the Polantis Market platform.

Polantis will make a transfer on Paypal or directly on your bank account.

Why did Polantis create a Marketplace?
I thought Polantis was completely free of charge…

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And you're right, Polantis is free for brand-name objects !

Above all, Polantis receives money through designing real objects for the manufacturers. These objects are and will always remain free for the specifiers, if the manufacturers finance the uploading of their catalogs. Should a manufacturer for any reasons decide to stop the uploading of their catalogs, we would make those objects available – at the lowest possible price – on the Marketplace.
However, in order to develop their projects, the specifiers are also in need of generic (unbranded) or specific objects. That's why Polantis proposes to its community a platform for selling and buying. Polantis’ teams internally model a maximum of objects such as trees, figurines, furniture, etc. The Marketplace also allows specifiers who have taken the time to create their own libraries to offer them to the community against payment.
All objects on the Polantis Marketplace are systematically verified by the Polantis team: the criteria are aesthetics, usefulness, level of detail and also the configurability.