Sliding gate Z  3D View

Manual or automated

Gateway : 4.00m, 5.00m, 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m

Height : 1.45m, 1.65m, 1.80, 2.05m

Material : galvanized steel

Finishing : polyester powder coating

Garantee: 10 years against coorosion - 24 months on mechanical parts and automation from delivery

28 standards colors

Other configuration on request
European standard 13241-1

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H: cm - 2.05 cm
W: cm - 8 cm
D: cm
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Black Black
White White
Light Pink Light Pink
Dark Green Dark Green
Light Blue Light Blue
Light Yellow Light Yellow
Dark Red Dark Red
Light Grey Light Grey
Dark Orange Dark Orange
Light Orange Light Orange
Aluminum Aluminum
All shades of RAL All shades of RAL
graphite-grey graphite-grey
Green Green
Red Red
Brown Brown
Anthracite Anthracite
Beige Beige
artCOLOR basalte artCOLOR basalte
Galvanized metal Galvanized metal
Steel Steel