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Hand-made pewter countertops for cafés, bars, restaurants & home kitchens all around the world.

At Les Etains de Lyon, we combine tradition and modern design , using the past to build the future. We put care and pride into our work in honour of this long-standing artistic heritage.

Les Etains de Lyon builds pewter countertops and bartops for cafés, bars, restaurants, pubs and other food and ... see moredrink establishments, as well as for home kitchens.

You will simply love the refined beauty and handy ease-of use our pewter countertops will bring your bar, restaurant or home kitchen.

Pewter is the material of choice for kitchen and bar countertops because:
- It is stainless, very easy to clean and can be used for food preparation.
- It is a highly flexible material, allowing a variety of shapes and friezes to be made.
- Its soldered joints disappear entirely after buffing and polishing, so the finished countertop looks as if it was made from a single piece.
- It becomes more beautiful over time, taking on a lovely patina.
- Cleaning is easy: using either an alcohol-based cleaning product or window cleaner, wipe over the surface with a clean cloth.

Our products:
- Countertops & bars for food and drink service professionals
- Home kitchens

Our countertops and bartops are hand-made , one-by-one , using traditional methods . As a result, each piece is one-of-a-kind , giving you a beautiful kitchen or bar unlike any other .
A unique pewter countertop made by Les Etains de Lyon simply cannot be compared to a product made using industrial production processes.

All pieces are signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of origin. ... see less