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Since 1975, KINGSPAN LIGHT+AIR (former ECODIS) has adopted a unique approach towards satisfying its customers, which include both construction professionals and installers, by providing them with turnkey solutions. These values have made Kingspan Light+Air a specialist in natural smoke ventilation systems, overhead lighting solutions and natural lighting.

As a member of the KINGSPAN GROUP, a gl... see moreobal leader in building envelope solutions, Kingspan Light+Air can provide the skills and technology its customers need right across Europe.

First and foremost, Kingspan Light+Air is a company run by people for people, which specifically means for the benefit of its customers. Kingspan Light+Air designs, manufactures, installs and maintains natural lighting (LIGHT), natural ventilation (AIR) and natural smoke ventilation/fire safety (SAFETY) solutions.

We offer a large range of skylights, rooflights and smoke and heat exhaust systems, with control systems (electric, pneumatic and electric), for roof ans façade, which will help you for your natural smoke and heat exhaust, natural ventilation and daylight projects on new buildings as well as in renovation. ... see less

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