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Free BIM objects

Polantis offers CAD & BIM objects, most of CAD ans BIM softwares for Architects are supported.

If you are looking for a free bim object : on the platform you will find real manufacturers objects. The manufacturers ask us for modelising their CAD and BIM catalogs.

Using a BIM object is a great way to save precious time and access valuable information that needs to be integrated into the BIM model and the BIM database that are demanded as deliverables.

You can download those object as many times as you want.

    Find out freecad for Revit and Archicad on Polantis plateform. Check out the other supported softwares, click here.
    Check out some Manufacturers Case studies, they are wrote by the architects of Polantis and they will take you behind the scenes in the creation of the BIM objects:

Generic BIM objects

The Architects of Polantis also design generic objects according to your needs : you can download maximum 3 generic objects per day.
If you want to download more of them, you need to wait 24 hours or you can buy a Polantis Plus pass.

The most generic downloaded BIM objects ar:

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