Polyrey has a unique know-how, having manufactured and developed technical and decorative laminates for over 50 years. Polyrey is today one of the key brands of interior design recognised by architects, designers, and interior designers for the quality and creativity of its products such as those used for industrial furniture, doors and kitchens.

Our extensive range consists of High pressure laminates, compact grade and melamine faced chipboard, combining impeccable style with the product quality of a renowned manufacturer. By blending the avant-garde with commercial staples and offering tactile textures, popular sheet sizes, grades and certifications, Polyrey ensures that their offer has immense versatility for a wide range of interior applications. Today Polyrey also offers panels for exterior cladding.

A094 Antilope
B136 Black Denim
B119 Bleu Turquoise
B138 Bois Brulé
B137 Bois Givré
B140 Buffle
C011 Caviar
E043 Éléphant
G081 Glacis Bouton d'Or
G082 Glasic Charbon
G083 Glasic Coquelicot
G084 Glasics Paille
G085 Grain De Riz Argent
G086 Grain De Riz Vanille
L068 Lézard
M106 Mosaïc Blanc
M108 Mosaïc Jaune
P001 Pierre de Lune
R045 Rose Pivoine
S069 Serpentin Blanc
S070 Serpentin Noir
S096 Stucco Cobalt
S099 Stucco Poivre
T039 Tadelakt Gingembre
T041 Tadelakt Tomate
T086 Textus Gris
T087 Textus Poivre
T088 Tweed
Z021 Zeste Citron Vert
Z022 Zeste Coco
Z023 Zeste Orange

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