Polyrey has a unique know-how, having manufactured and developed technical and decorative laminates for over 50 years. Polyrey is today one of the key brands of interior design recognised by architects, designers, and interior designers for the quality and creativity of its products such as those used for industrial furniture, doors and kitchens.

Our extensive range consists of High pressure laminates, compact grade and melamine faced chipboard, combining impeccable style with the product quality of a renowned manufacturer. By blending the avant-garde with commercial staples and offering tactile textures, popular sheet sizes, grades and certifications, Polyrey ensures that their offer has immense versatility for a wide range of interior applications. Today Polyrey also offers panels for exterior cladding.

Not available in the French and German market
A095 Ardoise Oxydée
A103 Argile Sablée
B135 Basalte
B133 Béton Bullé
B134 Béton Griffé
B041 Brasilia
B094 Brushed Copper
C140 Chaux Sablée
C141 Ciment Frais
F075 Fizzy Blanc Megève
F071 Fizzy Lune
G087 Grès Antique
M082 Marbre d'Ambria Brun
M001 Maryland Clair
O084 Onde Sablée
P120 Pierre de Lave
P114 Roc d'Armor
S047 Salina
S049 Slate
S030 Strass Blanc
S033 Strass Noir
T006 Tectonica
T085 Terre Sablée
V015 Vésuvio

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