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1. Activity description


Polantis offers Architecture Professionals the unique possibility to easily download 2D & 3D objects as well as callibrated textures  and integrate them into their projects. Our objects are drawn, textured and rendered in the highest quality level, and are available in most architectural software formats. 


All objects on the public section of are available for free (under some limitations of copyright and bandwidth). 


In parallel, Polantis offers manufacturers of AEC goods the possibility to expose and distribute virtual copies of their products for the use of architectural prescribers. 


Polantis was created with those two communities in mind (Architects and AEC manufacturers) and It’s main aim is to facilitate and enable relationships and comunnication between them. 


Polantis provides the following products and services: 


For Architecture Professionals: 

  • The possibility to view, evalute and download 2D/3D objects and/or Textures of both real-life products by selected AEC Manufacturers and Generic/User created models.
  • The possibility to mass download said products
  • The possibility to build a custom made library of 2D/3D objects and/or textures.
  • Find jobs, create jobs, find new clients, collaborate on projects with other professionals.
  • The possibility to contact and interact with each other as well as with AEC Manufacturers.


For AEC manufacturers: 

  • Realisation of a 2D & 3D objects catalogs based on their real-life products.
  • Realisation of texture catalogs based on their real-life products.
  • Hosting of said virtual product catalogs.
  • Creation of digital support (other than online) for said product catalogs (CD, DVD, USBKeys etc.) 
  • Performence statistics of said virtual catalogs (Downloads, formats, types of users etc.)
  • Use of speciallized Inbound and outbound marketing tools.


  1. Privacy policy


All information provided to Polantis by visitors to these web pages is considered to be confidential and will not be disclosed by Polantis to any third party except as may be required for the provision of the services.


Polantis reserves itself the right to alter and/or delete any information provided by registered users or visitors. 


Mandatory personal information requiered and collected by polantis:

First name; Last name; Valid email address; city; country; profession; current position.


All other information provided by users of and/or is optional. 


Users can edit or destroy said personal information at will through EDIT PROFILE option on our sites.


Information provided by users is used for internal statistics solely. It could be used for cummunication between users and/or manufacturers if the user wishes to do so or if he/she are required to provide this information as part of a prior condition to using some services. Option not to provide said information (hence, not use the proposed service) is always available. 


Polantis does not share user information with third parties unless specifically requested to do so by the user or in case the user is engaged to share his details as a condition for the use of a product or service.


Messages automatically created by Polantis and sent to the user’s email address (newsletters, special offers... etc) always contain an opt-out / Unsubscribe link. Administrative messages (Change or loss of password, account validation, ban etc.) do not contain an opt-out link. 




POLANTIS SAS respects and is bound to the CNIL (French National Commission of Information and Liberty) regulations and it's declaration number at the said organism is: 1427823.


  1. Terms of delivery


Services (Subscription) purchased on are activated immidiately after accepted payment. 


Products (Library orgnizer and downloads) are delivered immidiately after accepted payment within the limits of the user’s internet connection and Polantis’ servers bandwidth. 


Polantis does not deliver physical products, all products are electronically transmitted (downloaded). 


  1. Refund Policy


For shop products: 


You have the right to withdraw from your transaction without charge and without giving any reason until delivery of the product has started. You do not have the right to withdraw from a transaction once delivery of the product has started at which point your transaction is final. The shop services commence immediately when you begin to download a product from the shop and you will not have a right to cancel your contract once the services commence unless you have received an unacceptably poor download. If this happens, you must tell us as soon as possible using the support submission form available on “contact” page. If the poor download is caused by Polantis and cannot be resolved, a refund may be provided.


For Polantis+ service: 


You have the right to withdraw from your transaction without charge and without giving any reason from the moment of transaction and until the moment you have downladed your first object / used one of our “plus” services. You do not have the right to withdraw from a transaction once delivery of the product or use of a “plus” service has started at which point your transaction is final.


  1. Contact 

You can conatct POLANTIS SAS on any subject by one or more of the following means: 


By email: 

  • For questions about Polantis products, services and privacy policy use the contact form on the “contact” page.
  • For questions about sales conditions, for reclamations or any technical problem or difficulty you may encounter using our site use the support form on the “contact” page.


By phone: 

  • For any question or technical problem please call +33 (0)1 39 49 01 31 monday to friday 09:00 to 19:00 CET (Paris, France) Time. 


By Postal mail, write to:


Service Après Vente 


74, route de Sartrouville 

78230 Le Pecq