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As a supplier and producer of joint profile systems the Guggemos GmbH has been dealing with the topic of industrially used concrete floor slabs over 30 years. Our company is a quality and innovation leader and are firml established in the German market. Our flexible production allows us to produce and realize even more complicated customer requirements for their projects. That’s why we always achi... see moreeve high efficiency.

Experience meets expertiseWe support the building industry with joint profile systems from our own German production. Our company has shaped the market sustainably with our products which are well-known for its high quality and easy handling on the building-site.

Tradition and innovation work togetherWe would like to suggest you some of our most important products in our current catalogue to support you with necessary information even in offline situations. To accompany this, we recommend to visit us on www.fugenprofile.de. There you’ll find full information for our entire portfolio.

Furthermore our team is available anytime. Do not hesitate to contact us.We are happy to support you. ... see less