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Leader in caring for materials

Guard Industrie is a French company that specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing cosmetics for materials. With four product categories, we can offer a complete range of solutions for protecting, decorating, consolidating and cleaning materials. Our products are designed to solve problems including damp, dirt, pollution and graffiti, and are suitab... see morele for every kind of substrate such as natural stone, concrete, brick, wood...


Our expertise is recognized worldwide thanks to our network of distributors and our five subsidiaries. Our products, distributed in nearly 60 countries, are used on several million square metres each year. Our skillls have won us contracts at famous sites such as Tiananmen Square in China, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and the Colonnades of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


Guard Industrie manufactures innovative, high-quality products through continuous heavy investment in research and development. With 12 active patents in the fields of cleaning, protection, colour and self-cleaning surfaces, we continue to innovate and sur¬prise the construction industry.


Guard Industrie has been committed for 25 years to sustainable development. Our products are developed to rigorous specifications in terms of environmental friendliness. We also attach great importance to developing, promoting and distributing green technologies. ... see less