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BAT S.p.A.

BAT SpA The leader company Bat spa has been producing accessories and parts for sun protection systems for more than 30 years. It designs and produces the systems and parts for extendable arm awnings, cassette awnings, drop arm awnings, canopies and blinds, for numerous screening systems, for example in verandas and gardens.Bat spa’s headquarters are in Noventa di Piave, where all pr... see moreoducts are designed, engineered and produced. Thanks to its consistent commitment to research and development, the company is able to provide the market with highly innovative products and state of the art solutions, to better respond to the demands of customers in 72 different countries. This approach has enabled the company to grow continuously over the years at an international level.The company has many new products and projects lined up, always aiming to improve the products and services it presents to the market.


To screen out from rain and to filtrate the light, for human well-being and for saving energy, projecting and building quality system and exclusives design with the aim to become first producer in the world. ... see less


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