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2-pane Sliding Window GEALAN S8000

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The GEALAN corporate group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of vinyl profiles for windows and doors.

The core components of the GEALAN brand include modern profile systems such as the S 8000 system for the French market, the GEALAN-KUBUS® all-glass system, the S 9000 combined system and innovative products such as STV®- static dry glazing, IKD®- intensive core insulation and acrylcolor c... see moreoloured window profiles.

As an innovative system provider for vinyl window and door profiles, GEALAN also offers its partner companies comprehensive services in the areas of marketing and advertising, architectural consultation and training for window manufacturers and architects.

Together, our innovative products and comprehensive services form the basis for continuous growth, in keeping with our company motto:"Innovation mit System" (Innovation by design). ... see less

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