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Concours BIM 2017

Concours BIM is a traditional competition held by Polantis since 2016. The 2017 BIM Competition’s objective is to promote the indispensable method of BIM. It is also the opportunity to engage in pedagogy: manufacturers, industry professionals, especially, as well as major players in the world of construction work alongside architects and architecture students in appropriating the BIM method. The site – with a surface area of 2.3 hectares – is located in the community of SaintPrix (95). The urban fabric there is loose, occupied mainly by suburban constructions, intended for residential and commercial use. The result is a space that is utilized, due to the concentration of businesses and activities, but lacks structure and urban coherence: public spaces are exclusively composed of roadways and parking areas, there are no city squares and the building types are not dense and do not provide any structure for public space.

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