¿Qué es Polantis?

Founded in France in 2008, Polantis is the first company in the world to understand the change in specify methods and the BIM revolution.

Itaï Cellier, 41 – CEO

Itaï has a Masters degree in Architecture from The ENSA-V, National School of Architecture of Versailles, France. He’s an expert in CAD et BIM with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Itaï previously worked for five years as a chartered architect in France and in Asia before he joined one of the world’s first CAD software editors as a project and product manager. In 2008, he founded Polantis.

Laura Proust, 33 – Associate Founder and Managing Director

After obtaining her Master’s degree in marketing and management at one of France’s most prestigious schools of Commerce (INSEEC), Laura worked for world renowned companies such as 3M United Kingdom, Apriso USA. She then came back to France and joined the marketing team of OranginaSchweppes, Newtone-Intérieur and Lancel. Laura joined Polantis as an associate in 2009.

It is by noting the gap between manufacturers, who invest in paper-based products and architects, who ask for digital products in 3D, that Itaï Cellier founded Polantis.

Itaï Cellier explaines: "I noticed two things: on the one hand, manufacturers, who invested huge commercial efforts - which were not very appreciated by the architects - and, on the other hand, the architects, who lost a lot of time building 3D catalog objects. So it was a lot of time and money wasted on both sides."

Itaï Cellier adds: "It is said that a good reputation is more valuable than money and at Polantis, we prove this rule every day: the satisfaction rate of our customers is close to 100%. In my opinion, there is an explanation for that: it is actually because we have a very "analogous" approach to this digital world. Indeed we are much more than "marketers" or technicians: we are architects. With all that implies."