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EDA - Double-action space-saving folding door waterproof

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ELLIPSE, doors and ideas

The ELLIPSE door company produces interior doors with innovative concepts that meet the requirements of sensitive environments such as hospitals and early childhood.

In addition to its ELLIPSE single or double action folding doors, appreciated for their small size, the company has developed several ranges of doors that are just as essential in other fields.

AQUA... see moreRELLE In compact laminate, these doors are perfectly waterproof, they are recommended for damp rooms that require constant maintenance: available in swing, sliding or folding forms.

AQUA FEU Waterproof but also fireproof, these doors made of compact laminate are very lightweight, EI30 fireproof and easy to clean.

KID 180 For early childhood, the company offers door units equipped with anti-finger pinch seals, innovative because they are full height and almost invisible.

KID 180 V In the joinery and glazing version, KID 180 doors also offer maximum transparency; they remain acoustic and fireproof EI30

KID 90 Another range of safety doors for early childhood, KID 90 doors do not require a finger pinch seal thanks to innovative systems.

EDA Well known in EHPADs, these folding doors offer great ease of operation PMR due to their elliptical movement, coming and going.

ESA Recommended in the AQUARELLE version, these folding doors can be used in wooden, metal or PVC frames, or renovated on existing frames. ... see less

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