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Conveying the spirit of hospitality and leading "good omens" to take shape.

Yuzen is characterized by the ability to draw stretchy lines and to change the color of the left and right sides of the paste with glue threads, allowing for a wide variety of expressions.
The design tells a story with the wish, "Please welcome good omens.The detailed depiction adds depth, while the clear, bright color... Mehr sehens and textures create a world of "hanrinari," or "hare-nari.
The work of the dyeing artisan is to combine the handiwork of the craftsman who gives it shape, and to combine various processes to create the best possible goal, a maestro of a group of craftsmen, so to speak.

Out of the kimono campus and into the living space

It is only when the depth and three-dimensional expression of high-quality yuzen are sublimated and developed into art and interior materials that the understanding that it is a "good omen" leads to healing and peace of mind in daily life, and this impression is conveyed in the world of living space and interior design.

From chocolate to interior design

It is the role of the dye master as a producer to choose the lines, patterns, and colors.
The Japanese and Kyoto-ness of the traditional industry, with its delicate and meticulous attention to detail, is something to be proud of. With the aim of creating a "new place for hospitality," a place with gorgeous and luxurious fragrances, the company continues to propose and develop a variety of products, from chocolates to interior design. ... weniger sehen