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Established in 1918, Yamato Protec is the inventor of the foam extinguisher and Japan’s first ABC dry chemical extinguisher. The ABC dry chemical extinguisher is effective for all kinds of A (ordinary fire), B (oil fire) and C (electrical fire) fires and is known as a revolution in fire extinguishers. Our mission is to provide security and safety to society through our business.

We are a compr... Mehr sehenehensive manufacturer of disaster prevention systems covering everything from research and development to manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance, and recycling. We conduct business in a coherent manner and support society behind the scenes, actively contributing to the environment.

From the day of our establishment, we have maintained the same basic philosophy: “protect invaluable lives and assets.” We have put together an organization to pursue guaranteed safety in order to provide comfortable daily lives to modern individuals who enjoy sophisticated social lives.

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