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The largest group of artisans to achieve a wide variety of weaves

The company is equipped with looms, technicians, and factories of a scale that can always meet various needs, whether it is handloom weaving with subtle softness and fluffiness, or production on power looms that can weave a lot with firmness and precision, woven by the largest group of handloom craftsmen in Japan with skilled ski... Mehr sehenlls developed over many years of obi making.

Utilize the accumulation of a wide range of proprietary technologies

In order to create products based on the image he has in his mind, he carefully selects materials and develops his own weaving techniques, challenging the world of weaving in a wide range of fields.
For the past 20 years, we have been restoring costumes owned by the Katayama family of the Kanze school of Noh theater. 18 costumes have been completed.
The wealth of knowledge about techniques and materials learned in the process of restoration is applied to the current work.
He has been working on this project for several years.

Leader of the international luxury brand "Nishijin

The company continues to participate in large-scale exhibitions around the world, such as Maison & Objet in France and Ambiente in Germany, challenging itself to weave unique designs and other things that cannot be woven anywhere else.
In addition, as a leading company in Nishijin, the company is always attentive to the entire textile culture of Nishijin, actively working to educate and promote the hand weaving culture, and to enliven Nishijin as a whole. ... weniger sehen