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AkzoNobel Extrusion Coatings AAMA 2605 Trinar® KL2E97311-2018


TRINAR. Tried and trusted.

Create truly iconic structures with our high-performance coatings system
The TRINAR family of coatings is the perfect product for the AAMA 2605 Superior Performance specification.

TRINAR is our finest and most versatile liquid spray extrusion coating. It is a two-coat system which contains 70% PVDF resin. TRINAR provides long term beauty for a wide range o... Mehr sehenf metal building components such as panel systems, curtain walls, window systems, louvers, canopies, mullions, store fronts and fascia. TRINAR is developed and tested by our experts to give you the confidence that your project will stand the test of time.

TRINAR is ideal for the monumental project as well as any residential or low-rise project that requires lasting durability and beauty. One of the secrets of TRINAR's superior durability lies in the molecular structure of its 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. This unique carbon/fluorine bond is the key to its unsurpassed thermal, chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties. When coupled with our proprietary acrylic resin and premium ceramic and select inorganic pigmentation, this system demonstrates remarkable resistance to weathering, fading, cracking and chalking.

TRINAR is available in a wide array of pre-formulated colors, including pearlescent and metallic finishes, that blend well with most collateral construction materials. You can even request special color-matched formulations for a more exact match.

The best coating for aluminum extrusions
TRINAR is considered by many to be the premiere architectural finish in the aluminum extrusion industry. It can be applied to any aluminum building component such as window and wall systems, aluminum extruded profiles, louvers, column covers and more.

Spray TRINAR exhibits excellent performance in all environmental conditions with superior color retention due to premium pigmentation. It's batch to batch consistency is unparalleled thanks to our extensive quality systems. This results in a product with reliable, hassle free application whether it is applied on a horizontal or vertical spray coating line.

Test specifications
All TRINAR systems meet or exceed the requirements of AAMA 2605, the most recognized specification for fenestration coatings in the world. Only applicators which consistently meet stringent quality process parameters are approved to apply TRINAR.

TRINAR coatings are also available in our COOL CHEMISTRY Series which contain infrared reflective pigments. This pigmentation increases solar reflectivity and helps reduce energy costs associated with cooling, especially when combined with cool metal roofing. TRINAR coatings are also ideally suited for application on louvers and other sun screens, which can be used to create shaded areas either inside or outside a building.

Please contact our regional office for color selections, pricing, warranty and technical information. We look forward to showing you how TRINAR can enhance your next project! ... weniger sehen

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