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"Polychiri", the world's most labor-intensive yarn

Polyester chirimen (polychiri) is made by taking the most time and effort in the world to make the threads, such as applying glue to each thread individually and softening the threads by soaking them in an alkaline solution, so that the threads have the same graininess (unevenness of fibers) as pure silk, while still being sturdy, and the textu... Mehr sehenre of chirimen can be expressed. It can be said that polyester and rayon crapes were born on the basis of the tradition and accumulated technology of pure silk crapes nurtured by the nature of Tango.

Possibility of "polychiri" to expand

Polyester has durability and functionality, and the shading and gradation created by the grain add a sense of luxury, making it widely useful as a building material, interior decoration material, and fabric material.

Project development for the future with SDGs in mind

Polyester, as a recyclable material, lightens the environmental burden and can respond to the SDGs in the form of apparel that is not thrown away. With the development of new technology as a springboard, the company is now working to launch a new brand and operate a factory store with a view to contributing to the local community. ... weniger sehen