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The history of hydraulic cranes in Japan started in 1955 with Tadano's development of the OC-2 Truck Crane.
In 2008, when Tadano celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding, we have established lifting equipment (mobile machinery used for lifting loads and carrying out aerial work) as our business domain, and have set our long-term goal of "becoming No.1 worldwide in the lifting equipment in... Mehr sehendustry."
Tadano's products and technologies play a vital role in the construction of everything from high-rise office buildings and highways to environmentally friendly wing turbines and the houses we call home. Our lifting equipment, designed to work reliably even under the harshest operating conditions, continues to win the hard-earned confidence of our customers.
We work according to our corporate philosophy of Sozo (Creation), Hoshi (Contribution) and Kyoryoku (Cooperation), and we are committed to helping you turn your dreams into reality.

Description of Business
Production and distribution of construction cranes, truck loader cranes and aerial work platforms, etc. ... weniger sehen