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Sugatsune is one of the leading manufacturers of metal hardware. Our wide variety of high quality products covers diverse fields from residential to office furniture, architectural to industrial parts and even disaster prevention.

Connecting People with Ideas
Since 1930
We have offices in 6 countries outside Japan, serving customers in over 80 countries.
We want people from around the world ... Mehr sehento benefit from our unique products, being the one and only in many niches.

Chosen since 1930
At Sugatsune, we manufacture everything from architectural and furniture products to industrial components. As an industry leader in Japan, we are focused on innovation in a changing world. All markets and industries grow and change, customer needs evolve, technologies change. We pay careful attention to our partners around the world to continue to provide unique benefits and advantages.

Without being swayed by temporary shifts in the market, we believe that each market is a once in a lifetime opportunity, worthy of passion, intense focus and dedication. We believe our customers have recognized our commitment through their loyalty and ensuring that we have had a positive revenue balance since 1930.

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