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Double ridge with airing in 3 pieces FSV2 Hauteur 40


Created in 1990, SPSO (Société de Profilage Secteur Ouest) is a production subsidiary of the French group USINOR, near Rennes. It became SPO in 1999. In 2008, SPO created PMO, in the Gers, specialising in thin profiles for use as purlins (for roofing), rails (for cladding) and joists (for floors). In July 2010, SPO-PMO joined the FILA Group (based in Martinique) and became its subsidiary in mainla... Mehr sehennd France. In 2017, SPO created the commercial brand Artéface to market its façade products: slats and cassettes.

SPO-PMO produces and markets ribbed steel profiles, bends and accessories, as well as thin purlins for the building envelope. SPO-PMO offers quality products, recognised for their origin and compliance with standards, guaranteed to meet the comfort, safety and requirements of today's buildings.

SPO-PMO products are used for roofs, interior and exterior facades, collaborative floors in new projects or for renovation. Galvanised, pre-painted, in steel and sometimes in aluminium, the profiled sheets and folded accessories are intended for the roofing and cladding of industrial, commercial, tertiary agricultural and even residential buildings. Artéface blades and cassettes, folded at the Cissé site (near Poitiers), allow for architectural audacity.

The thin galvanised steel purlins are intended to complete the main framework of the metal frames of these same structures. ... weniger sehen

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