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Focus on Kinran(gold brocade), Focus on Practicality

The image of expensive "Nishijin brocade" is proposed as a material suitable for daily use by using polyester. It retains the true appeal of Kinran, which can express complex structures in patterns, and the high-end, high-quality brand image of "Nishijin brocade," while focusing on its practicality as durable, washable material.

In-house i... Mehr sehenntegrated production enables quick delivery

By weaving original fabrics with a short delivery time, we can deliver finished products as woven fabrics the day after receiving the original drawings. By creating an integrated in-house production system from design to weaving, we have a system that can deliver original fabrics in a short period of time and can handle both mass production and small lot orders.

Numerous design expressions based on Kinran

The company has accumulated data on more than 1,000 patterns, and its designers have an excellent proposal and immediate response capabilities based on their experience in fabric production for various products such as accessories and sundries. ... weniger sehen