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The ability to develop new materials creates new products

 Always striving to create new products, the company has taken on the challenge of developing products using not only polyester and silk, which are its forte, but also a variety of other materials. His skills as a weaver of "Chirimen," a Japanese-style crepe, and a specialist in high-twist systems have led to the development of ultra-pre... Mehr sehenmium cotton Chirimen that cannot be found anywhere else.

Technology to weave a variety of materials to meet special needs

 The accumulation of development know-how that the company has been focusing on has resulted in the production of wide-width jacquard crape, and the company aims to develop new products that add even more value to high-twisted products, such as jacquard with blistering.

Proven track record in "Chirimen" interior materials

 The company has the technical capabilities to meet the expectations of new manufacturing, and already has a large number of construction achievements in "silk wallpaper" as a building material, as well as a track record of global expansion in Europe and the United States. ... weniger sehen