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Métisse® is a range of thermal and acoustic insulation for the building industry manufactured by Le Relais and marketed to professionals and private individuals via a network of specialised distributors.

Métisse® is a pure product of Le Relais' Research and Development activity. It is a bio-sourced insulator made from recycled cotton. It is an innovative recycling solution for cotton textiles c... Mehr sehenollected by Le Relais that cannot be reused as it is and would otherwise be destined for incineration. It also gives a second life to a quality raw material - cotton - whose insulating properties are no longer in question.

As a pioneer manufacturer of cotton wool panels and rolls since 2007, Le Relais has become in a few years with Métisse® the European leader in recycled cotton insulation.

Housing, public buildings, tertiary buildings... many projects have already opted for cotton quality. ... weniger sehen