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Our job: sliding systems

Since 1920, Mantion has been working in the design, manufacture and marketing of sliding systems for 2 different activities:

- Building: Systems for sliding doors and gates
- Industry: Handling systems for overhead conveyors

Reliable products which meet the customer’s needs

Mantion applies a strong quality control policy: every single system is rigorously t... Mehr sehenested to meet the highest requirements of international standards.
Thanks to more than 4 500 standard items, special products and a permanent and active R&D policy, the customer can find a suitable or even a personalized solution at Mantion.

Fittings for sliding systems for:

- doors of any size : from several Kg up to 3 tons
- sectional, folding and up and over doors...
- fire doors, gates, shutters, glass doors...

Components for overhead conveyors up to 2,000 Kg:

- motorised conveyors, pitch to pitch systems, drop sections...
- switches, turn-tables... ... weniger sehen