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The joint stock company SERVIS CLIMAX is the largest manufacturer of sun-shading systems in the Czech Republic and one of the leading manufacturers of these types of products in Europe.

It has been active on the market for over 20 years and offers dozens of types of external and interior shades, which include a large range of blinds, roller shutters, awnings, façade shades and insect screens.

In its four manufacturing halls located in the town of Vsetín covering an area of almost 20 000 m2, the company employs more than 350 employees and enjoys an annual turnover exceeding 30 million €.

Products are offered to end customers through a network of brand-name stores, regional representatives and other cooperating companies. The company also offers its business partners high-quality customer service, regular training, online technical support, etc.

Products are manufactured using only high-quality and proven components mostly from European suppliers. All used materials are carefully tested for durability and easy installation. Our development team continuously strives to improve products and machinery, and to increase the level of professional knowledge of our employees. The manufacturing process is mostly conducted using fully automated machines connected to an information system.

The C-80 external blind has 80 mm wide slats whose edges are bent into a C-shape. Thanks to their shape, the slats can be tilted to both sides, thus, greater interior shading and light regulation can be achieved. The slats are guided in guide rails or by a wire that fixes the blind laterally in the correct position.
The external blinds can be installed in the window opening, or above the window opening. In case of installing it in the window opening, the stack of pulled-up slats reduces the clearance of the window, or the blinds can be installed above the window opening, where the slats do not affect the window clearance.
C-shaped slats are guided in guide rails or by a wire that fi xes the blind laterally in the correct position. Thanks to their shape, the slats can be tilted to both sides. The ladder with Kevlar fi bre is UV resistant, no deformation of length occurs.
The head rail inc. the stack of slats can be hidden under a cover plate, or into a special box built-in under the plaster. The façade of the house is not spoilt with anchoring elements and looks very clean.
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H: 750 cm - 5000 cm
W: 500 cm - 5000 cm
D: 180 cm - 209 cm